Peace of Mind at Your Fingertips: Embrace Remote CCTV Surveillance

For the past few years, remote CCTV surveillance has taken the world by storm; it is becoming the most common way to secure your place from any unusual activities and theft attacks.

Remote monitoring allows people to monitor your space remotely. If you are not aware of this security solution, you are in the right place because here, we have prepared a guide to tell you how CCTV monitoring works and why you need it.

What is Remote CCTV monitoring?

CCTV stands for closed circuit television and plays a crucial role in business security systems. The term remote CCTV monitoring is straightforward to understand. It is just monitoring a CCTV system. A professional third-party monitoring company like Walsons Tech typically performs this monitoring. CCTV cameras are all alone powerful to deter any suspicious attack. Primarily potential criminals from doing anything illegal, and CCTV monitoring make the overall process more robust.

CCTV monitoring will ensure that a professional monitoring team is watching your home. This is really important when your home or business is unoccupied and in a vulnerable state. The action is the real benefit after the crime, such as alerting keyholders and police.

How Remote CCTV monitoring works?

For remote CCTV monitoring, all you need is an internet connection. The internet connection transmits the footage, and if any suspicious movement gets caught in the camera, it will directly send alerts to the monitoring team. Emergency services will be called. The call will be more reliable when the operator usually confirms the alert. The operator can also zoom the camera to closely examine what is happening and the reason for the ringing alarm. The security team will then proceed to call emergency services. They will also contact the property owner and anyone else you wish to be alerted. If all does not work, the security expert can audibly order the intruder to leave the area in an attempt to flee.

Where is CCTV commonly used?

CCTV monitoring is now used in all sectors. Public CCTV is commonly installed when local councils seek to improve the chances of street crimes and theft. The second one is domestic cameras; it is the latest kind of video surveillance to gain popularity, with many homeowners choosing to install smaller digital cameras to protect themselves from burglaries and see who is at the door, and even keep an eye on their naughty pets. CCTV monitoring is also implemented in energy, industrial, and manufacturing plants. Here the cameras are used to check processes are running correctly and, in some cases, remotely monitor hazardous areas.

What is the difference between remote and standard CCTV monitoring?

There is a vast difference between regular CCTV cameras and the ones with remote capabilities.

Normal CCTV

Commonly CCTV cameras will record video and save the footage. But sometimes, only footage does not work effectively when trying to catch a thief or vandal. There are a lot of criminals who disguise themselves, so it is also more challenging for the police to identify them.

Remote CCTV Monitoring

With remote CCTV monitoring capabilities, you have a chance to enjoy the benefit of an alarm alert system, and you can also get video footage as evidence. Using the remote CCTV monitoring system, a group of security professionals watches your CCTV camera’s footage when you are away.

The professionals are located at a remote station and instantly alerted to unusual activity. In the case of any suspicious activity, the security team will receive that alarm. After that, they will review the footage and immediately call the police and the place owner if the thief alert is confirmed. To prevent the crime, professionals can warn the thief audibly and stop them from leaving the place with the precious items.

Reasons to use remote CCTV monitoring

Remote CCTV monitoring is budget-friendly and keeps your place extra safe. You can save thousands of dollars and pounds that you would spend on hiring guards. With this, you can also save money from replacing missing or damaged items on your property. The CCTV cameras provide an extensive security system to protect your expensive products and belongings from theft. In addition, without having someone verify the actual incident, you can’t guarantee that the emergency service will attend to you. The false alarm occurs anytime. That’s why nowadays, emergency services only respond to genuine incidents.


The remote CCTV monitoring system allows you to save your business, property, or home and can prevent potential theft attacks, vandalism, and other suspicious activity. So here we have prepared a complete guide on remote monitoring to make you understand how it is essential and works in different sectors. So, start your remote CCTV monitoring with Walsons Tech remote CCTV monitoring services.

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